Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet is Hard

The Grief of Pet Loss

Sometimes you just need to talk…

Losing a pet is never easy, and Rita knows this first hand. Friends and family often don’t understand, or just don’t know how to offer comfort and support when you’ve lost one of your animal companions. The feelings of loss can overwhelm us, and make us unable to cope.

This is a photo of Rita’s late kitty, Pickles, just one of many she has said goodbye to over the years. It is a sad reality of pet ownership…

Rita wrote Sadie’s Heart after losing her beloved Sadie kitty unexpectedly on January 17, 2009. Rita took to her bed for a week in deep grief and despair.

The feelings of sadness and grief are deep and often overwhelming, even debilitating. While society at large may not understand, those of us who have loved a special kitty certainly do.

Rita is here to lend an ear and offer steps you can take today to help get past the pain of losing your furry best friend.

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