Happy Tails! Read Letters to Rita about Cat Behavior Success

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some Happy Cat Parents sharing their Cat Behavior Success updates with Rita.

Hi Rita,

I was just talking about you the other day. I’m not sure if you remember that I work for the company that makes the show ‘My Cat From Hell.’ When we have people try out for the show and do not make it, we give them your information. Hopefully some of those cases reached out to you for help!

Bruce and Lulu are great! They are back to being inseparable and haven’t had any more fights. I am very thankful for everything you did to help get them back to normal.

Thank you for following up.

Hope all is well.



Supervising Casting Director, Jackson Gallaxy - My Cat From Hell

Dear Rita,

Thank you so much for all this helpful advice. We’re implementing it and seeing flickers of hope for change. 🙂

And I’ll also give you a buzz if any further questions arise.

Many thanks,

D.D., Happy Cat Parent

We are making some progress. We’ve have had two pee free days and we’re hoping it keeps up. We’ve been spending a lot of time playing with the cats. Roxy has been in the kitchen more so we’ve been playing there. While playing, she can get very close to the other cats without incident. When we’re not playing, there’s still some hissing and spitting, but it is getting better, particularly with Max. She’s still very sensitive to Jasmine, so we’ll try to focus on more play time with the two of them. We appreciate the help!


K.P., Happy Cat Parent

Hi Rita, So everything has been going great. We had a small set back last night. Bruce and LuLu are okay together in the living room/kitchen area, if they move to the back of the house they start fighting. (Note from Rita: We reacquainted the cats one area of the house at a time, the back of the house was the next area to be conquered). Play time and feeding are going well and Lulu is finding comfort in the cat carrier.

E.H., Happy Cat Parent

Thanks again, Rita, for all of your time and for responding to me! Your support and validation is so appreciated! I will take a deep breath here and take things one day at a time!

J.P., Happy Cat Parent

Rita, I am learning so much from your advice about how to stop my cats from fighting. I did notice something that is very cute; now when Screamie hisses at Charlotte, she immediately turns upside down! As soon as she does this, Screamie walks by! Then last night, Screamie was sleeping. Charlotte jumped on my lap, and bathed Screamie for at least 10 minutes all over her head and face. I praised both of them. I think my family is coming together using your advice, and I so appreciate it.

I.G., Happy Cat Parent

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