Managing and Changing Unwanted Cat Behaviors

Results Take Consistency and Patience

Rita’s e-book will give you actions that you can put into practice immediately. While she cannot give you a prediction as to how long it will take before you see a difference in your cat’s behavior, it has been our experience that consistent application of Rita’s LUCKY CAT method often results in near immediate behavioral changes.

Oh, Behave! Rita’s Loving Approach to Cat Behavior Correction

Rita Lives What She Teaches

With cats ranging in age from 18-years to 5-months living under one roof, plus owning and operating a successful Professional Cats-Only Pet Sitting Company, Just For Cats Pet Sitting, with locations in Beverly Hills CA, Los Angeles Cat Sitting, and Charlotte NC, Charlotte Cat SittingRita has seen and experienced the same issues many cat owners face. While her kitties do live together in harmony, it takes work to blend a cat household this diverse, and to keep every feline member happy and peaceful.

As a board member  and dedicated volunteer for The Humane Society of Lancaster SCa former volunteer with Save-a-Life Animal Rescue in Los Angeles, as well as being dubbed the “Cat Expert” and contributing writer for Catster Magazine (aka Cat Fancy),, and the Found Animals Foundation, Rita often sees first-hand the heartbreak of families giving up their cats to rescues and shelters.

Often these kitties are surrendered simply because their owners didn’t know what to do to stop their cat’s unwanted behaviors. Unfortunately, many of these cats get lost in the system (or worse) and never again know the love and security of having their own family. Rita is writing this book in the hope that she will prevent some of these precious kitties from being surrendered and/or euthanized.

Whether you have one cat or many, at some point behavioral issues can and probably will occur. Sometimes the solutions are simple ones, but sometimes they are more difficult to determine. Rita’s goal is to help you and your kitties live together in harmony and mutual respect, so that your cat can remain with you in his loving home forever.

Some Common Cat Issues

Some of the issues Rita sees the most are:

  • Inappropriate Urination

  • Achieving Multi-Cat Harmony

  • Furniture Scratching

  • Overactive Cat at Bedtime

  • Shy Kitty, the “Hidey Kitty Syndrome”

  • Aggressive Cats

Oh, Behave! is EXCLUSIVE CONTENT for the members of The New Cattitude Club community!

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