Sadie’s Heart

Handling the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Sadie’s Heart Loving and Losing Our Cat Companions (2014 edition)

After losing her beloved Sadie unexpectedly on January 17, 2009, Rita took to her bed for a week in deep grief and despair. It is a sad but inevitable fact that one day we will have to say good bye to our beloved cat children, sometimes much sooner than we would have liked. Our deep attachment to them often evokes a grief that is much deeper than what we feel when we lose a member of our human family. These feelings of sadness are deep and often overwhelming, even debilitating. While society at large may not understand, those of us who have loved a special kitty certainly do.

Sadie’s Heart is a story about loving and losing our feline family members and how to cope with the sadness. Written by Rita Reimers, Feline Behaviorist and owner of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, a Professional Cat Sitting Company operating as Cats 90210 in Beverly Hills, CA and as Charlotte Cat Sitting in NC, Rita shares her own personal loss of her special cat, Sadie. Anyone who has ever loved a cat will relate to her story and the raw emotions she shares. It is Rita’s goal to help others who are experiencing this type of loss to feel less alone in their grief. More importantly, she reassures us that we can once again find joy, and perhaps a new kitty love, after losing our feline best friend.

Rita currently shares her home with many wonderful felines, but still misses her special Sadie kitty.


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Proceeds from the sale of Rita’s books will go toward opening Rita’s Cat Sanctuary, the Carolina Senior Cat Haven, coming soon. The mission of this Cat Sanctuary will be to give owner surrendered senior cats a place to live out the remainder of their lives with unconditional love and compassion.

Rita’s book “Sadie’s Heart” is also available FREE to members of The New Cattitude Club.

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